Android App Development


Android Development

Android has changed and revolutionized the usage of mobile phones. Smartphones, handheld devices and tablets have become inseparable from humans. All these devices run on Android platforms.

According to a survey, 90% of Android applications are used by users and they continue using it. There is a huge customer base for Android systems.

Because of its ease of use and flexibility a huge population prefers Android over other platforms. Because of its popularity Android is now also available in smart televisions.

Satyanaam Services understands the importance of Android applications. Since the advent of the Android app development arena, we have been developing stellar mobile applications.

Benefits of Android-based applications:

Android is a hugely preferred platform. There is a reason behind its popularity. It offers various benefits that other platforms don't provide:


Platform popularity


Low investment with significant ROI


Increasingly customisable


Round the clock support and maintenance from its community.


Support to effective targeted marketing


Enhanced rates for conversion


Seamless integration with other tools and social media platforms.

Our development process:

Our team follows a very specific process for development of applications. We make sure that by the end of the development the application satisfies the client. At Satyanam Services, we conceptualize the development process before we actually start the development.



Requirement gathering and conceptualization:

As we receive the request for application development we sit down with the client to discuss the requirements. We define the objectives and goals behind the development. This ensures that the development process continues in the correct direction.



Wireframe development and design:

As the requirement phase completes, we start developing the prototype. This includes wireframe development to define the parts of the app. As the client agrees with the wireframe design, we follow the prototype for the rest of the phases



Process of development:

In this step, we actually start developing the app. We allocate the project and required resources to the Android developers in the team. They transform the prototype to the actual product. All the interface and backend of the app is developed here.



Quality assurance and rigorous testing:

Once the development process ends, our testing team starts testing the app rigorously. We perform all the types of tests on the app to make sure that we deliver nothing but the best.



Application deployment:

As soon as the testing is done successfully, we deploy the app on the clients system. In this case, the Android app is uploaded on the Google PlayStore.

By following a systematic approach to Android app development, we ensure quality-based solutions only.

Why choose us for your next Android App Development?

Our team at Satyanam Services hail from having extensive experience in the development domain. We offer app development in various genres like healthcare, social media, lifestyle, entertainment, education, and gaming. Our digital solutions are driven by customer satisfaction and user engagement.When you choose Satyanam Services as your development partner, you receive following benefits:

Flexible approach:

Our development rates and packages can be customized according to the client’s goals and requirements. The client does not have to go through extreme financial crunch to develop the app with our team. Our packages are cost-efficient for all the segments of the industry.

Dedicated team of developers:

We have an extensive team of developers who can help you develop your Android app. We make sure that one team focuses on only one client requirement at a time. This ensures that the team solely focuses on your requirement and does not create a faulty app.

Development according to industry standards:

Our teams at Satyanam Services are always updated with the changing industry norms. Industry is an ever emerging and evolving place. Hence, all the standards are subject to change. We ensure that all the latest trends are followed while an ongoing development process. Our app development process ensures that your app is fit to enter Indian market as well as the overseas market.


Custom Agile Process for Development:

Custom Agile Development entails an iterative development model. As one iteration of the app is released, we ask the client for the feedback. Once the client approves the first iteration, we start with the second stage of the development. This way, we ensure that at every point of the development, the client is involved. Moreover, such a process produces the solution that aligns with the client requirements.


App Store Optimization and Assistance:

ASO is app store optimization. Applying ASO makes sure that your app ranks well when searched for. When a user searches for an app through certain queries, your app will feature in the result. This increases the chances of the user downloading the app.


Preference to Responsive Design:

An app is only useful if it is visible and usable on all the devices. This kind of design, known as responsive design, is our primary focus for development. We believe that responsive design can help you target wide audiences. This is because not only mobile users, but tablet users can also use the app.

Satyanam Services brings a strong experience in the world of app development. We have worked with various clients having various requirements. Hence we come with an experience of dealing with clients from various domains.

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