Logo Designing


Logo Designing

A logo is a small icon or a combination of shapes and curves that help the customers identify a business. It is something that a business adopts and uses throughout its existence to signify its existence. Having a logo that can be easily memorized is essential.

Advantages of Logo Design

Having a perfectly and accurately designed logo has its benefits. They are:


Develops an identity of the brand


Paves way for an efficient way of branding


Representation of a professional approach


Acquiring and retaining the customers


Enhances the reputation of the brand


Better marketing strategies.


Enhances customer’s confidence


Fosters the customer’s trust in the brand.

The process we follow at Satyanam Services for Logo Designing

At Satyanam services, we have employed experienced and qualified designers to design logos that perfectly align with the company objectives and the businessman’s mindset. We follow these steps to design the logo



Determination of the business goal

As we previously mentioned, a logo is an extension and a representation of a brand story. It also represents the brand’s services, products, and values. We make sure to acquire all the understanding around the business goal to understand the brand story and determine the kind of logo it requires.



Creation of the brand identity

A brand identity is created by a logo and is not vice versa. A brand identity is formed when the logo brings together the business objectives and goals. With a carefully crafted logo, you can be sure to have your audience understand and memorize the logo.



Determining the concept and sketching

Once all the concepts of the business are understood, our designers begin sketching the logo. Here, we create multiple sample logo designs that seem to align with the brand story to find that one special design.



Presenting the sample logo designs

Once we are through the stage of designing the sample logo, we present these samples to the client. If he pins down one specific logo and finds it suitable to the brand, we go ahead with it. And if he feels dissatisfied with the sample logo designs, we go over all the above-given steps and process them all over again.



Final Delivery of the logo

Once the logo gets ready, it is then delivered to the client with all the necessary files and folders.

Why choose logo designing with us?

There are various reasons as to why you should select Satyanam services to get your logo professionally designed:

Unique designs that are created from zero

We never adopt a design and redesign it to form a logo. Our team of experienced designers believes in designing a logo from scratch to preserve the essence of the business within a logo.


Consistent design process

We pay the same levels of attention to all the businesses whether it is an IT company or a manufacturing firm. This kind of approach lets us retain our clients and form a trustworthy customer base.


Customized logo design

Generally, after the requirements are gathered, our designers at Satyanam start the design process. If a customer requires certain changes in the logo, we make sure that changes in the logo get incorporated. We make sure that the logo preserves the uniqueness and individuality of the brand.


Availability of a dedicated logo designer

We dedicate a logo designer to a brand or a company so that he can single-mindedly focus on the logo designing process for the brand



At Satyanam, we believe in offering the best of all the services at an affordable cost. Our clients prefer us because of the perfect logo design process along with reasonable packages of our services.

At Satyanam, we believe in designing a logo that communicates the brand’s identity, story, vision, and values. Our designers ensure that a logo communicates all this for a business.

Are you a startup or a company looking for rebranding with a logo design?