Shopify Development

Shopify Development

Shopify developement

What is Shopify Development?

Shopify development includes the development of an online store using Shopify. An online store brings a lot of benefits to the business in the long run. The marketers can reach a wider section of the audience and sell products accordingly.

Shopify development is deemed easy to do compared to its other counterparts. Moreover, it is advantageous for a business that wants to quickly setup an online store. Because of the strong internet connectivity, the world has become a local place.

This affects how customers buy products. There are various customers who buy products from the USA while they are located in India or somewhere else. The interaction of a customer with a brand has never been easy. This has been possible with the online store development. The interaction of a customer with a business has never been this transparent.

Benefits of having a Shopify Store for your business:

The businesses that sell products or services can set up a Shopify store with least amount of configuration required. It is upto you how many products you sell through your Shopify store. Let us check how it can help business succeed in so many ways:

Quick setup and implementation

As we already saw this point previously, the Shopify store is easy to set up. Development of a Shopify store is for the businesses who don’t want to waste their time with the technical configurations and development. The platform offers software and hosting services to launch the website. It comes with an intuitive admin interface and user friendly interface.

Aesthetically pleasing appearance

Shopify offers access to various professionally designed templates to generate unique and aesthetically pleasing stores. It meets a bare minimum theme requirements. But the Shopify developer can build an eCommerce store with enhanced UI and exceptional UX.

App Integration Features

Shopify is known for being able to offer customizations on various levels. You can easily integrate various apps to your store. This implies that the businesses can add extra features and functions to enhance the value of the store.

Secure and Reliable

When it comes to an online business, security is of utmost importance. This is because when the customer buys a product from a Shopify store, they confide in the business to keep their personal and financial information confidential. Shopify fulfills this requirement perfectly even when the store is undergoing upgrade and maintenance.

Less loading time

Who wants to wait for long before they can order their favorite item from an online store? No one. A store built using Shopify takes up less loading time because of strong infrastructure that comes with optimized software solutions.

Significant marketing tools

Your online store will not receive any footfall if the customer doesn’t know about its existence. Hence, it is necessary to market your store in the right way. Shopify includes a basic version of SEO with analytics for eCommerce stores. You also get custom gift cards, discount coupons, email marketing and more to market your store effectively

Mobile Responsive store

Today’s consumer prefers placing an order online through a mobile app or a tablet. The users don’t only use laptops or a desktop. In fact, these devices are on the way to becoming obsolete. Hence, it is important to have an online store that beautifully renders on all the devices. Shopify stores understand the importance of responsiveness. This is why the Shopify themes are responsive. This renders the store on any device without any glitches.

Easy Payment Gateway Setup

When you set up an online store, the biggest difficulty that you might face is the development and integration of the payment gateway. The customers and the sellers require a reliable payment gateway. It should also allow customers to use various payment modes. Shopify supports Stripe payments where the customer does not have to pay extra fees for anything.

SEO Friendly

Your store may remain unknown if Google cannot find it. Almost every other user turns to Google to find a product. So if your store is not SEO optimized, you may lose a chance at a customer trying to find you. But Shopify comes with inbuilt basic SEO parameters like meta tag and title tag. It also improves the ability of the landing page to render well.

Why choose Satyanam Services for Shopify development?

Satyanam Services hails from a strong background in eCommerce and Shopify development. Over the years, we have helped brands build and establish their own eCommerce stores successfully. We help you build one for your brand too.

We believe in aligning the store with the story of your brand. This way, we help you communicate your story to the audience and attract the right audience for your brand. Our strong work ethics make sure you get the best results:

Shopify eCommerce Solutions:

We have customized solutions for Shopify installation, configuration and integration. The store development process makes sure that you meet your business goals with your online store.

eStore Customization Services:

We build your store from scratch or help you revamp it while installing new features and functionalities. Our team provides tailor-made solutions that concern your business vertical along with the target audience.

Integration Services:

Our Shopify integration services include everything from payment gateways, third party apps, to APIs.

Theme Development:

We house a creative team of UI/UX designers and certified Shopify developers. Our team understands the importance of good UI design and great user experience. We manage the response curation and user friendly Shopify themes.

Migration Services:

We offer secured migration to Shopify platform from your existing environment. Partner with us, the most experienced Shopify development platform.

Shopify Maintenance Services:

Maintenance is as important as development and we always emphasize that fact. Post the development, our team always stands by your side to see if there is any malfunction or anomaly in the store’s performance.

Satyanam Services is your next door Shopify development partner that has a very sound background of eCommerce development. With a certified Shopify development team, you don’t have to worry about a thing in your store. You name it, we make it.

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