CMS Development

CMS Development


CMS Development

Satyanam makes management of digital content easy

CMS stands for Content Management System. Content Management System enables a user to add, remove, or edit the web pages without writing code. The website structure and content can be changed without requirements of technical knowledge.

Also, you can create a website from scratch with a content management system without writing a single piece of code for it.

Content management systems can help create web pages, store images and other functions. Therefore you don't have to build your own system for website development. With such a facility you can focus on other parts of your website.

At Satyanam Services, we use a WordPress website that is used worldwide. About one third of websites are powered by WordPress. And we believe that this platform is the future of the website and content management systems.

WordPress also offers its own benefits and can come up with a system that is highly scalable, customizable and adaptable.

Advantages of CMS development:

Apart from not having to build a website from scratch CMS offers a lot of other benefits. They are as follows:

Rapid website deployment and installation

Zero technical knowledge requirements

Effortless management of website content.

Extensively customisable

Definition of of various user roles and privileges

SEO friendly


How do we carry out CMS development?

At Satyanaam Services we have a certain process to drive the CMS development for your business:

Gathering requirements:

As soon as we receive a request for CMS development we start gathering the requirements. For this step we follow client requirements and his thought process in a significant detail.

Analysis of requirements and resource allocation:

As soon as requirements have been clearly gathered, we start accumulation of tools and resources. Also, we form the relevant team of professionals to meet the customer requirements.

Wireframe design and development:

In this phase we develop a blueprint of the website. The team members work in a cohesive way and collaborate accurately. We collaborate on the development of frontend and backend through a streamlined process.

In depth testing:

Once the development process ends, we start testing the modules rigorously. At this step we ensure all the parts of the website are thoroughly tested.

Deployment, support and maintenance:

As all the steps above are correctly executed, we deploy the website on the server. If the client finds any issues we are always there to help them sort it out.

Why choose us?

Satyanaam Services has displayed a significant amount of experience in CMS development. Our team ensures digital solutions of the highest quality that caters your business requirements.

Sound understanding of CMS platforms:

Our development team is from a strong background of CMS development. We have carefully chosen every individual to ensure quality solutions.

Customised development:

Customisation is the essence of any kind of development. When you are able to customise certain things within the development, you offer a personalized touch to it. Our team also makes sure to introduce customisation as and when required.

Strict quality measures:

Quality is of utmost importance as far as any kind of development at Satyanaam Services is concerned. Hence we have quality testing measures in place which ensures best solutions.

Transparency in communication:

Communication should always be transparent, we believe. Therefore we have a team that maintains and follows this idea. We provide one point of contact to the client. But the client is free to communicate with any of the team members.

SEO implementation:

In today's era if a website appears on Google search it means that website is authentic. At Satyanaam Services we ensure that your website is SEO friendly and ranks well when searched for.

Technical support::

We think that a website is of no use if an immediate support system is unavailable. Hence we provide round the clock support to our clients even if the website development and deployment is over.

Satyanaam Services believes strongly in customer satisfaction. Be it any kind of development, we offer satisfactory digital solutions. Also we are available to resolve any errors or bugs that come after deployment of the solution.

We hail from a very strong background and bring an experience of ten years to the table. We have paid a lot of attention to form our team carefully. The professionals have been picked up carefully according to their knowledge and experience.

Want to develop a website without writing a code for it?