Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development:

Mobile apps have become a way of life. There is a mobile app available for everything that we do, in a literal sense. For shopping, we have mobile apps. We have apps for social networking. For chatting with other people, we have apps. Apps make life easy.

Traditionally, we used to open the personal computer or laptop to chat, shop or network socially. But, with the advent of mobile apps, these things have become possible with a mobile phone. Moreover, you can do all of the things through the mobile phone even when you are on the go.

If a brand offers a service to its customers through a website, in today’s era, it is possible they have a mobile app too. Therefore, mobile apps have made it easy for the customers to reach a brand through their apps. With just one tap, you can connect with a brand and its mobile app.

A brand can increase the section of the audience they are targeting through a mobile app. But, mobile apps are the most convenient way to interact with a brand. And if the app is well developed, the customer may retain the app as far as he uses the mobile phone

Satyanam Services is a mobile app development company that believes in creating responsive and engaging mobile apps for the brands. We strive for mobile apps that are easy to use, are engaging, fast and secure. Our teams develop all kinds of mobile apps that include social media apps, chat apps, or other utility apps.

Importance of having a mobile app for your brand:

Mobile apps have changed the way humans use mobile phones and interact with the brands. Mobile users spend about one-third of their time on their mobile phones. Hence, mobile apps are the easiest way to seek and retain a user’s attention. Moreover, high speed internet connection has also contributed significantly in the rise of mobile app users.


A mobile app enhances and reinstates the brand value in the market.


Enhances sales and shoots up the profit value


Value-based solution for your clients


Increased brand visibility because of a mobile app


Contributes to multiple streams of revenue


User engagement


Change the way users experience retail brand


Customized solution


Seamless integration of the app with the social media platforms


Targeted promotional activities

Our Services

Satyanam Services has been a pioneer of mobile apps development since the advent of mobile apps. Our experienced and skilled team has developed mobile apps for clients from various niche and domains. We provide mobile app for the following:


Android App Development 


iOS App Development


ReactNative App Development


Progressive Web App Development


Xamarin Development

Why choose Satyanam Services?

Satyanam Services has been in the industry for the last ten years. Our team has gained a significant amount of experience in the domain of app development. We have developed mobile applications for the domains like gaming, healthcare, lifestyle, and similar other areas.

When you choose Satyanam Services, you reap following benefits:


Flexible development methods:

Since our team is qualified and experienced, we make sure to take up a flexible development approach. We develop according to our client requirements and client satisfaction is what we thrive on. Our mobile apps are developed in a way that is cost efficient and affordable.


Dedicated team of developers:

Every client who wants to get a mobile app developed, gets a dedicated team of developers for their mobile app development process. This ensures that the team concentrates specifically only on your mobile app development.


Industry standardized development:

Every developer at Satyanam Services is well versed with emerging and evolving industry standards. Therefore you can rest assured that your mobile app will be developed according to the latest industry standards.


Custom Agile Process:

We strictly follow a custom agile process with the mobile app development process. This method makes sure that the client is involved in the development process. And that the development process does not go ahead without client’s satisfaction in the previous step.


App store optimization with assistance:

Like we optimize the website to make it rank better in Google search results page, we also apply app store optimization. App store optimization is a way to optimize mobile apps. With this, the mobile apps rank well in the app store when the user uses a specific search query. Hence, we ensure that your mobile app is perfectly optimized. We also provide necessary assistance around the process.


Significance to Responsive Design:

Responsive design is the most important design form in today’s era. A responsive design of a mobile app is one where the app can be accessed from any device. These devices could be mobile phones with varying configurations and screen sizes. It could also be a tablet or a hand-held device.

Satyanam Services follows all the latest industry standards to make sure that your mobile app is developed using the latest protocols and approach. It is our responsibility to provide the best to our clients to make sure their brand succeeds.

Looking to develop a mobile app for your brand?