nopCommerce development

nopCommerce development

Nopcommerce developement

What is nopcommerce?

Nopcommerce is an open source E-Commerce solution that is powered by Microsoft core framework. It offers a catalogue front end and an administration tool backend that enables the creation of e-commerce for your business quickly.

Nopcommerce is available under the nopcommerce public licence V3 and it was officially launched in October 2008. The platform is specifically meant for small to medium-sized businesses and enterprises.

The developers can download, install and use nopcommerce without any charges. Also, the nopcommerce community offers support and guidance without any charges. Although there is an optional fee for white labelling, premium support services, and programs for partnership.

nopCommerce can help you begin your eCommerce business and scale it up to the kind of requirement you encounter. It is an effortless process to upload unlimited number of products, management of multiple stores from the administrative system, and grow the sales with readymade marketing resources.

Why choose nopCommerce Development?

There are various benefits to explore and take advantage of, if you opt for nopCommerce Development. Following are the reasons why an enterprise should choose nopCommerce Development:


NopCommerce is totally FREE and Open source so you can easily download source versions of solutions and customize as per your suits and published and deploy to hosting provider to make your first eCommerce store live with FREE of cost except hosting fees.

There is not any subscription cost, package cost, or any type of other fees to use nopCommerce as an e-commerce store, and also there is not any limitation on features of nopCommerce as all features are available at FREE OF COST. don't need to purchase any plan to get access to more features so there is not any surprise at all in terms of a fee and its features list.

Responsive eCommerce Store

About 82% of users on mobile prefer online shopping through their mobile phone. Hence, it becomes necessary to have your eCommerce store accessible from the mobile phone devices.

With nopCommerce solution, your eCommerce store is responsive by default. You get a feature rich, aesthetically pleasing eCommerce store that the mobile users can explore.

You can develop a webstore compatible with mobile devices without having to add extra plugins or third party add ons. There are many responsive theme are available on marketplace using that we can easily setup ecommerce store.

It allow flexibility to customize theme to fit customer design requirement easily.

Management of multiple stores from single point

Does not it get difficult when a business has more than one eCommerce store working on various platforms and domains? With nopCommerce store development, you can develop multiple stores that are manageable from a single point.

When you have a nopCommerce store, you can host multiple front end stores from a single administration point. It is also possible to rapidly deliver micro stores for promotional activities.

Each store can have different features as follows:

Categories of products and manufacturers for each store.

Set of Products for every store.

Separate Content for each store

Payment gateway for every store

Shipping methods as per each store’s requirements

Tax rules for every store.

Themes and layout for each store

Working with multiple vendors

The users can browse products from various vendors through you are common product catalogue. The visitors can also buy products from one web store even if the products are supplied by different vendors based worldwide.

Every vendor gets access to the administrator panel for management of their products, sales report generation, and order details for their products. Moreover the vendors cannot interfere with each other's activity.

Availability of Inbuilt SEO tools

The SEO tools with nopcommerce provide SEO friendly URLs. This makes the web pages search engine friendly.

A store owner can accept the keyword tags and customised URL management sections. The platform also works seamlessly with product pages that have SEO friendly names.

The platform also works with sitemap, micro data, localizable URL, breadcrumbs, and URL canonicalization. It also integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics.

Easy checkout

Development of an E-Commerce store using nopcommerce provides two types of checkout processes:

One is anonymous checkout which enables the customer to checkout without account creation.

Another is one page checkout which reduces the number of steps required for the checkout process. This scales up the revenue and conversion rate by making the checkout process easier for the customers.

Strategising Marketing campaigns

Nopcommerce provides various features to execute marketing campaigns successfully.

This includes a reward points system where you can offer points earned by the customer with the money they spend at your store. The collected points can be redeemed by the customer at the store.

You can also provide following facilities with your web store through nopcommerce development:

Displaying related products

Provision of coupons and discounts

Newsletters and marketing emails

Gift cards

Product review and their ratings

Product comparison sites

Affiliate marketing program

Additional extensions

Versatile Payment Gateway

With a nopCommerce built store, payment gateway accepts all the major credit and debit cards. It can also process refunds and void functionality. Since every country has its own payment preferences, nopCommerce allows a limitation on payment methods depending upon the country selection.

Apart from this, nopCommerce provides integration with more than 50 payment methods and gateways.

Secured eCommerce platform

Since nopCommerce platform is based on ASP.NET Core framework, it is a naturally secure platform. The reason behind this is the inbuilt security features that ASP.NET brings with itself. nopCommerce also works efficiently with SSL for secure browsing and checkout, Honeypot for spam prevention, and strong yet flexible password approach.

Why Choose us?

Satyanam services comes with extensive experience in eCommerce store development. We have a team of experienced online store developers who come with skills and experience for eCommerce store development.

Our Services:

Theme development and customization

Plugin Development

Customization Services

Enhancement of the Performance

Migration Services

Third Party Integration

Our team ensures that they stay updated with the latest trends for eCommerce store development and bring them to your online store development. This way, we ensure that the store is in trend and has the latest facilities in terms of designs and payment models.

We work with a strong work ethic and choosing us brings following benefits:

Extensive experience in the industry

Transparent communication

Cost efficient and straightforward development methods

Regular reporting and source code authorization

Quality network connectivity and almost zero down time assurance

Security layers and IP protection

Well defined MVC structure

Best quotation in the industry

Flexible engagement models

Hire from the team from highly proficient and experienced developers

At Satyanam Services, we develop the products with utmost care, attention to the detail, and with the customer-centric approach. We always ensure that we deliver quality products and services and strive for customer satisfaction. We believe in long term association post product delivery.

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