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Company Overview

Arthur Montreal is a distinguished brand specializing in bespoke shirts, suits, knitwear, and a range of accessories including belts and socks. Known for its high-quality customized apparel, Arthur Montreal provides a personalized shopping experience for individuals seeking refined and customized fashion solutions. To enhance its offerings, Arthur Montreal aimed to develop an online platform that seamlessly integrates the artistry of tailor-made garments with the convenience of eCommerce.


Arthur Montreal faced several challenges in establishing its digital presence:

1. Creating a User-Friendly Interface: The platform needed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, reflecting the brand's premium nature.

2. Booking Appointments: Incorporating a feature for customers to book personalized fitting appointments was crucial.

3. Events Management: The platform required functionality to manage and promote various fashion events.

4. Comprehensive FAQs: Providing detailed and accessible FAQs to assist customers in understanding the bespoke process and services offered.


Arthur Montreal partnered with Satyanam to design and implement a sophisticated online platform that addressed these challenges.

1. User-Friendly Interface:


Modern Design: Satyanam created a sleek and elegant design that aligns with Arthur Montreal's luxury brand image.


Intuitive Navigation: The platform was structured to allow easy access to different sections, such as bespoke services, ready-to-wear items, and accessories.

2. Appointment Booking System:


Integrated Booking: A seamless appointment booking system was integrated, enabling customers to schedule personalized fittings with ease.


Automated Reminders: The system included automated reminders to ensure customers are reminded of their appointments, enhancing the overall experience.

3. Events Management:


Event Calendar: An interactive calendar was added to the platform, displaying upcoming fashion events and workshops hosted by Arthur Montreal.


Online Registration: Customers could register for events directly through the platform, simplifying the process and encouraging participation.

4. Comprehensive FAQs:


Detailed Information: A well-organized FAQs section was created to address common questions about the bespoke process, garment care, and service details.


Search Functionality: An advanced search feature was implemented, allowing customers to quickly find answers to their queries.


The collaboration with Satyanam resulted in significant improvements and achievements for Arthur Montreal:

1. Relaunched Customized Platform: The new online platform was successfully launched, featuring the latest technology and a user-centric design.

2. Enhanced User Experience: The intuitive interface and easy navigation significantly improved customer satisfaction and engagement.

3. Streamlined Appointment Booking: The integrated booking system made it convenient for customers to schedule fittings, leading to increased appointments.

4. Effective Events Management: The events calendar and online registration feature boosted participation in Arthur Montreal's events, fostering community engagement.


Through the strategic partnership with Satyanam, Arthur Montreal successfully developed a robust online platform that elevated its digital presence and customer experience. The seamless integration of bespoke garment artistry with the convenience of eCommerce not only enhanced user satisfaction but also positioned Arthur Montreal for continued growth and success in the luxury fashion market.

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