Jewellery Wholesaler ORMEX Enhances Digital Presence

Technology Used

Asp.Net MVC

Entity Framework

Sql Server





ORMEX is a large wholesaler of imported jewelry goods and precious metals, with a significant presence in the jewelry market for over 40 years.

Opportunity / Challenge

Specific Goals and Objectives:

ORMEX engaged Satyanam with the following objectives:

1. Create a Digital Footprint: Establish a strong online presence to reach a wider audience.

2. Implement an E-Commerce Framework: Develop a robust e-commerce platform to facilitate online sales.

3. Boost E-Commerce Presence: Enhance the company's visibility and competitiveness in the digital marketplace.


ORMEX engaged Satyanam meet their objectives. The reasons for selecting Satyanam included:


Pricing: Satyanam's pricing structure fit within ORMEX's budget constraints.


 Culture Fit: Satyanam's culture aligned well with ORMEX's values and work style.


Value for Cost: Satyanam offered good value for the cost, balancing quality with affordability.


Referral: A positive referral reinforced the decision.

The comprehensive project included several key deliverables:

1. Launching the Online Web Presence: Developing and launching a professional website to establish ORMEX’s digital footprint.

2. Optimizing Tools with Digital Sources: Integrating various digital tools and resources to optimize online performance and efficiency.

3. Maintaining Web Presence and Business Processes: Ensuring the website remains up-to-date and functional, supporting business operations.

4. Upgrading Applications: Enhancing existing digital applications to improve user experience and maintain a strong web presence.

Results & Feedback

The collaboration with Satyanam resulted in several notable achievements:

1. Better ROI on Digital Web: ORMEX experienced a significant return on investment from their enhanced digital presence, contributing to increased sales and market visibility.

2. Appropriate Pricing Models: The pricing models used were fair and aligned with the project's scope, ensuring value for investment.

Project Management and Responsiveness:

Timely Delivery: Satyanam consistently delivered project components on time.

Responsive Communication: The owner and team were highly responsive to ORMEX's needs, promptly addressing pain points and adapting solutions accordingly.

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