Needly Transforms Grocery Shopping with High-Speed Delivery Platform

Technology Used


Asp.Net MVC

Entity Framework

Sql Server




Needly is a pioneering grocery brand based in Australia, known for its innovative approach to catering to the urgent needs of customers in specific regional areas. The company offers a unique grocery shopping experience by guaranteeing delivery within just 20 minutes of placing an order.


Specific Goals and Objectives: Needly aimed to revolutionize the grocery shopping experience by achieving the following objectives:

1. Develop a High-Speed Delivery Platform: Create a system capable of processing and delivering grocery orders within 20 minutes.

2. Ensure User-Friendly Interface: Design an intuitive and seamless user experience for customers.

3. Manage Multiple Branches Efficiently: Implement a system for managing multiple store locations from a single platform.

4. Customized Checkout Process: Develop a customized checkout experience to enhance sales conversation.

5. ERP Integration: Integrate with existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to streamline operations.

6. Rest API Development for Mobile Apps: Develop robust APIs to support mobile application functionality.

7. Google Address API Integration: Implement Google Address API for accurate and efficient address handling.

8. Quick View Feature: Enable customers to quickly view product details.

9. Manage Office Timing: Provide functionality to manage store timings efficiently.


Partnering with Satyanam: Needly chose Satyanam based on their proven expertise in e-commerce solutions and positive client referrals.

Selection Criteria:


Expertise in Customized E-commerce Solutions: Their extensive experience in developing high-performance e-commerce platforms.


Cost-Effective Solutions: Offering good value for the cost, balancing quality with affordability.


Positive Client Referrals: Strong recommendations from previous clients reinforced their credibility.

Team Size: A dedicated team from Satyanam, consisting of experienced developers, project managers, and technical support staff, worked closely with Needly to deliver the project.

Scope of Work: The project scope included the following key deliverables:

1. High-Speed Delivery Platform Development: Created a robust platform to process and deliver orders within 20 minutes.

2. User-Friendly Interface: Designed an intuitive user interface to ensure a seamless shopping experience.

3. Multiple Branch Management: Implemented features to manage multiple store locations from a centralized system.

4. Customized Checkout: Developed a tailored checkout process to enhance user satisfaction.

5. ERP Integration: Integrated the platform with Needly’s existing ERP system for streamlined operations.

6. Rest API Development for Mobile Apps: Created APIs to support comprehensive mobile app functionalities.

7. Google Address API Integration: Implemented Google Address API for precise address handling and efficient delivery routing.

8. Quick View Feature: Enabled customers to quickly access product details, improving the shopping experience.

9. Office Timing Management: Developed features to manage and display store timings effectively.


The collaboration with Satyanam resulted in significant achievements:

1. Delivery Efficiency: Successfully developed a platform that ensures delivery within 20 minutes, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

2. User Experience: The user-friendly interface and customized checkout process received positive feedback from customers, leading to increased engagement and repeat business.

3. Operational Efficiency: The integration with ERP systems and the ability to manage multiple branches from a single platform streamlined operations and reduced administrative overhead.

4. Mobile Application Support: The development of REST APIs facilitated the launch of a robust mobile app, further extending Needly’s reach and convenience to customers.

5. Accurate Delivery Routing: Integration with Google Address API ensured precise address handling, minimizing delivery errors and improving overall efficiency.

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