SpeedIndustry - Revolutionizing E-commerce with a Platform Migration and Feature Enhancement


Technology Used


Asp.Net MVC

Entity Framework

SQL Server




SpeedIndustry, founded a decade ago, specializes in manufacturing and selling high-quality automobile parts, focusing on the EJ20, EJ25, and FA20 engines. Known for their extensive knowledge and experience, SpeedIndustry is a trusted name in the automotive industry, providing customers with top-notch parts and services.

Opportunity / Challenge

Specific Goals and Objectives: SpeedIndustry aimed to enhance its online presence and operational efficiency with the following objectives:

    1. 1. Platform Migration: Move the existing e-commerce site from BigCommerce to nopCommerce.

    2. 2. Data Import: Seamlessly import all customers, products, and orders to the new platform.

    3. 3. Feature Enhancement: Add new features and plugins to meet client requirements and improve user experience.

    4. 4. Payment Solutions: Integrate multiple payment gateways for flexibility.

    5. 5. Fraud Prevention: Implement fraud prevention measures to protect transactions.

    6. 6. Search Optimization: Enhance product search capabilities for better user navigation.

    7. 7. Related Products: Introduce smart related products to increase cross-selling opportunities.

    8. 8. Performance Improvement: Optimize the site for better performance and faster load times.


Scope of Work The project scope included the following key deliverables:

1. Platform Migration:


Data Migration: Successfully migrated all customers, products, and orders from BigCommerce to nopCommerce.

2. Payment Solutions:


Braintree Hosted Payment Plugins: Integrated Braintree for secure payment processing.


Paypal Payflow Payments: Enabled PayPal Payflow for additional payment options.


Bread Finance Payments: Integrated Bread Finance for installment payment options.

3. Multiple store setups:


Setup multiple stores with different UI/UX and product catalogs for segmentation of customers, products, and orders.

4. Fraud Prevention:


IP Blocker Plugin: Implemented an IP blocker plugin to prevent fraudulent activities.

5. Search Optimization:


Mega Search Plugins: Enhanced search capabilities with mega search plugins for better product discovery.

6. Related Products:


Smart Related Products: Introduced a smart related products feature to recommend relevant items to customers.

7. Performance Improvement:


Site Optimization: Conducted performance improvements to ensure faster load times and better user experience.


The collaboration with Satyanam resulted in significant achievements:

1. Successful Migration: Seamless transition from BigCommerce to nopCommerce with all data accurately imported.

2. Enhanced Payment Options: Integration of multiple payment gateways provided customers with flexible payment options, increasing conversion rates.

3. Improved Security: The implementation of fraud prevention measures significantly reduced fraudulent transactions.

4. Optimized Search Functionality: Enhanced search capabilities led to improved product discoverability and user satisfaction.

5. Increased Cross-Selling: The smart related products feature boosted cross-selling opportunities, leading to higher average order values.

6. Better Performance: Performance improvements resulted in faster site load times and a smoother user experience.

7. Overall Business Growth: The comprehensive solution provided by Satyanam empowered SpeedIndustry to scale their operations, efficiently manage customer, sales, and deliver a superior customer experience.

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