Spesarecord - Transforming Grocery Shopping with a Multi-Vendor Marketplace


Technology Used

Asp.Net MVC

Entity Framework

Sql Server




Company Overview

Spesarecord is a dynamic grocery marketplace based in Italy, catering to specific regional areas with a diverse range of grocery products sourced from various suppliers. The platform is designed to connect buyers with an extensive selection of grocery items while providing vendors with comprehensive tools to manage their products, payments, and deliveries seamlessly.

Opportunity / Challenge

Specific Goals and Objectives: Spesarecord aimed to create a sophisticated multi-vendor marketplace with the following objectives:

  • 1. User-Friendly Interface: Develop an intuitive platform for customers and vendors.
  • 2. Multiple Vendor Management: Enable multiple vendors to manage their products and services effectively.
  • 3. Seamless Vendor Operations: Provide tools for vendors to manage payments, deliveries, and shipping methods.
  • 4. Comprehensive Product and Order Management: Allow vendors to handle their product listings and order fulfillment efficiently.
  • 5. Advanced Checkout and Transaction Features: Implement customized checkout processes and secure transaction payouts.
  • 6. Enhanced Customer Engagement: Use features like push notifications and fidelity cards to boost customer loyalty.
  • 7. Technical Integrations: Integrate Google Address API and ERP systems for streamlined operations.
  • 8. Progressive Web App (PWA): Develop a PWA and publish it on the Play Store for wider accessibility.


Partnering with Satyanam Spesarecord selected Satyanam to develop and manage their multi-vendor marketplace based on their proven expertise in e-commerce solutions and successful client referrals.

Selection Criteria:

  • 1. Expertise in E-commerce Solutions: Demonstrated capability in building and managing comprehensive e-commerce platforms.
  • 2. Cost-Effective Solutions: Offering high value for cost with quality solutions.
  • 3. Client Recommendations: Positive feedback and referrals from previous clients.

Scope of Work: The project scope included the following key deliverables:

  • 1. User-Friendly Interface: Developed an intuitive platform ensuring a seamless user experience for both customers and vendors.
  • 2. Multiple Vendor Management:
    • Enabled vendors to register, manage their profiles, define delivery areas, and shipping methods.
    • Provided tools for vendors to manage product listings, order fulfillment, and transactions.
  • 3. Vendor Payment Setups: Implemented secure vendor payout payment setups & transaction managements.
  • 4. Advanced Product and Order Management: Provided comprehensive tools for vendors to handle their products and orders efficiently.
  • 5. Customized Checkout Process: Developed a customized checkout process enhancing user experience & conversation.
  • 6. Technical Integrations:
    • Integrated Google Address API for accurate address handling.
    • ERP integration to streamline backend operations.
  • 7. PWA Development: Developed a Progressive Web App (PWA) and published it on the Play Store to ensure accessibility on mobile devices.
  • 8. Customer Engagement Features:
    • Implemented push notifications for marketing purposes.
    • Developed a fidelity card system to boost customer loyalty.

Results & Feedback

The collaboration withSatyanam resulted in significant achievements:

1. Enhanced User Experience: The user-friendly interface and customized checkout process received positive feedback from users, leading to increased engagement and repeat business.

2. Vendor Satisfaction: Vendors experienced a seamless onboarding and management process, resulting in more vendor registrations and active participation.

3. Operational Efficiency: Integration with Google Address API and ERP systems streamlined operations and reduced manual efforts.

4. Increased Accessibility: The PWA development and publication on the Play Store expanded Spesarecord's reach to mobile users, increasing overall accessibility.

5. Improved Customer Loyalty: Features like push notifications and fidelity cards enhanced customer engagement and loyalty, leading to higher retention rates.

6. Overall Business Growth: The comprehensive solution provided by Satyanam Info Solution empowered Spesarecord to scale their operations, efficiently manage customers, vendors, sales, and deliver a superior user experience.

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