LeanProducts - Transforming Lean Manufacturing with a Cutting-Edge E-commerce Platform


Technology Used

Asp.Net MVC

Entity Framework

Sql Server





LeanProducts has emerged as a frontrunner in Italy, specializing in marketing components and solutions dedicated to lean manufacturing practices. Headquartered in Pordenone, LeanProducts operates a prominent eCommerce platform that offers a comprehensive range of products focused on visual management, kanban systems, manual production system equipment, and material handling components.

Opportunity / Challenge

Specific Goals and Objectives:

  • 1. Upgrade to the Latest Tech Stack: Modernize the platform with the latest technology to improve performance and scalability.
  • 2. Improve UI/UX: Enhance the user interface and user experience to increase conversion rates.
  • 3. Microsoft Dynamic Nav ERP Integration: Integrate ERP systems to sync customer, product, and order data for seamless operations.


Partnering with Satyanam: LeanProducts selected Satyanam to handle the platform upgrade and enhancement project based on their expertise in e-commerce solutions and successful track record.

Scope of Work: The project scope included the following key deliverables:

1. Upgrade to Latest Tech Stack:


Modernized the platform using the latest technology to improve performance, security, and scalability.

2. Improve UI/UX:


Conducted a thorough analysis of the existing UI/UX.


Implemented significant design changes to enhance the user experience and interface, aiming to increase conversion rates.

3. Microsoft Dynamic Nav ERP Integration:


Integrated ERP systems to sync customer, product, and order data, ensuring seamless operations and real-time updates.


The collaboration with Satyanam resulted in significant achievements:

1. Enhanced Performance: The upgrade to the latest tech stack resulted in a more robust, secure, and scalable platform.

2. Improved User Experience: UI/UX enhancements led to a more intuitive and engaging shopping experience, resulting in higher conversion rates.

3. Operational Efficiency: ERP integration streamlined operations by ensuring real-time synchronization of customer, product, and order data, reducing manual effort and errors.

Project Management and Responsiveness:

Timely Delivery: Satyanam consistently met project deadlines, delivering each component on time.

Responsive Communication:The team was highly responsive to LeanProducts’ needs, quickly addressing any issues and adapting solutions accordingly.

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